Our Success Stories

Bursary Recipient: Luk Siu Hoi
Year: Three
Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a second major in Food Science and Technology

Siu Hoi grew up in a single parent family. His mother has been struggling to make ends meet and provide for Siu Hoi and his younger brother.

To ease the financial burden at home, the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering undergraduate has been working as a part-time home tutor. “I want to help my mom, and not rely on her for my everyday expenses,” says Siu Hoi.

Despite his determination to support himself, the challenge of balancing work and study gradually took a toll on his health and grades. When conflicting dates arose during the examination period, Siu Hoi barely had time for revisions after his tuition classes.

“It felt really stressful when I had to constantly keep up with both my tuition and school assignments at the same time,” he sighs.

Things started looking up for Siu Hoi when he received the Loo Geok Eng Foundation bursary.

With the bursary, Siu Hoi is granted more time to focus on his studies and spend on self-enrichment activities. Besides being part of the NTU’s Squash team, Siu Hoi is also an active member of the school’s Outdoor Adventure Club. He was also given the opportunity to join the popular summer exchange programme in South Korea.

“Thanks to Loo Geok Eng Foundation, I am able to enjoy a smooth sailing and eventful student life so far,” says Siu Hoi.

Amid the new experiences, Siu Hoi never forgets to give back to the society. For instance, he was part of an Overseas Community Involvement Project expedition to Philippines, where he helped to build a multipurpose school hall with his schoolmates, and teach village children basic English, Mathematics and Sciences.

“I don’t have any big dreams or ambitions for now. I just hope to complete my university studies, and find a well-paying job so that I can take care of my mother,” says the humble and filial student.

“My family and I wish to express our gratitude towards Loo Geok Eng Foundation. Once again, thank you for helping me through my university journey!”

Bursary Recipient: Zheng Yi Peng
Year: Three
Major: Civil Engineering

Yi Peng grew up in a low-income family. His parents, who came from China about 30 years ago, have been facing financial difficulties while raising Yi Peng and his younger brother.

To become more self-sufficient, Yi Peng started saving for his school fees even before he entered university. Besides providing home tuition, he often took up odd jobs to earn more money for his family.

“When I received the Loo Geok Eng Foundation bursary, my family and I were so happy and relieved,” says Yi Peng.

“It alleviated the financial stress at home. I finally don’t have to worry about paying my school fees,” he continues.

For Yi Peng, the bursary gave him not just money, but also hope; the hope for a better school life and future. Without being bogged down by pressures of part-time work, he is able to participate in various school activities like his favourite Track and Field. He is also involved in the organising committee of freshmen orientation camps.

When asked about the future, the optimistic and aspiring student says, “I have always wanted to become a civil engineer since young. I hope to help build the future of Singapore. Thanks to Loo Geok Eng Foundation, I am now a step closer to my dreams.”

Yi Peng also talked about giving back to the society. A few years ago, he organised a volunteering initiative for his junior college peers to help out at Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

“My current priority is to complete my university studies and make the most of my time as an NTU student,” he adds.

“When I graduate, I hope I will be able to help others, like how you have helped me. Thank you.”